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Dance Team

at Dauntless Athletic

The Northshore's newest adult hip hop team.

Bringing old school music with new school moves.

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How to prepare:


Saturday, October 15, 2016 | 10:30am

Dauntless Athletic

71338 Hwy 21 Suite 105, Covington

Adults, male or female, ages 17+

Read and complete the registration packet in its entirety, and bring it with you on the day.  Wear your favorite hip hop style outfit, tennis shoes, hair preferably down, makeup done.  No prepared choreography is necessary, though you may be asked to freestyle.  You will learn a 6, 8-count hip hop style routine to be performed in small groups.

Our mission is to bring a group of really cool, like-minded people together to take a break from the daily grind of adulthood and have some fun with the art of hip hop dance. In addition to a weekly practice on Thursday evenings, the Threauxbacks perform in flash mobs, parades, sporting events and more. We also host one charitable performance per season, where we bring together other artists in our community for a showcase of different talents!

You can find more details on membership requirements, monthly dues, etc by following the link below to the Registration Packet.


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