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by DA CrossFit

If you’re brand new to CrossFit or you’re trying to get back in to it after some time off, we recommend (and will sometimes require) going through our foundations program, Couch-to-CrossFit. This program is designed to introduce proper form, build a foundation of strength and endurance, and help you to get comfortable with the CrossFit style. You can expect a welcoming and motivating environment, where like-minded people are working toward the same goal: overall health and fitness.

Here's how it works

For your first 4 sessions at Dauntless, you will work with our extremely knowledgeable coaches to learn the functional movements we use in CrossFit, as well as begin working in some basic WODs (workout of the day). Not only is this a great learning experience, but you’ll get an awesome workout in at the same time!


After 4 sessions, your coach will do an assessment, and then you can jump in on our standard CrossFit classes at the time of your choice. 

Mondays & Thursdays



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